Thursday, May 1, 2008

Madison's First Haircut

Well, the inevitable has happened. My baby has gotten her hair cut. Well, she's really not my baby anymore, but since we aren't having anymore children, she is considered, to me anyways, my baby. I'm thrilled with how it looks. It makes Maddie look a little older, but her hair needed to be shaped up a bit.

She did awesome! She liked to look at herself in the big mirror while her hair was being cut. And thankfully she didn't get bored, so her hairdresser was able to do it quite quickly. I was amazed!

Her hair is longer in the back, and has a natural curl. Now, I wasn't about to let go of those curls, so she just thinned our her hair and put in a couple layers. Plus, and I love this, she gave her bangs!!

What I like the most about her hair, for right now, is that it's very manageable. I just have to add a little mousse, scrunch it a bit and voila! That's my kinda hairstyle!

How cute is she! That's my big girl!!