Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fun In The Sun

What a gorgeous day today! It had to be almost 80 degrees outside. I'm not sure if it's been our first nice day of the year, but it sure has been the first in a long time. I had to take advantage of it! I packed the kids into the van and headed over to my parents for a few hours. When we first got there, Maddie had to check out the flowers. After watching Bee Movie so many times, pretty much every time we're at their house she has to go over to the flowers and say Bee! (even if there aren't any there) Today, while looking at a bunch of flowers, there happened to be 2 bumblebees on it. She was just fascinated with them.

My mom is an avid florist. She doesn't work at one, but she has that touch. I noticed when we first got there, these, well really cute ball-shaped pink flowers.

I couldn't resist but to take a couple and put them in Maddie's hair.

Further into the day, as my kids are out and about I hear: "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy! Come look! Hurry!" He had found a toad.

There are two outside creatures that Andrew absolutely loves. Toads and worms. And just like any other time, he has to touch it to make it jump. Then there's me, trying to get him to pose for a picture. And he was so patient with me to get the perfect one. Plus he attempted and succeeded to pick this toad up. It took a few tries, but he did it! He was just beside himself with excitement when he had this poor thing in his hand. But I was proud!


anne said...

I have always been a toad/frog person. Andy watches while I pick them up but there is no way I can get him to hold them. So funny! :)