Friday, May 30, 2008

Thank Goodness It's Friday!

Oh where to begin! Our bathroom is finished. Not that it was a huge deal, but the entire situation, I think, was mishandled. To me anyways. This all started on Monday and here we are on Friday. Oh well, it's done and I'm happy!

What I was most excited for was tonight. We had gotten in the mail a couple days ago, a small catalog from Build-A-Bear. On the front cover was Hello Kitty, but with a tan. Hubby and I had already planned on getting Madison one, so I was looking forward to doing that. She seems to enjoy going to the store, too. When we first handed her the before stuffed kitty, she just squealed! And she couldn't decide which little heart to have put into it, so they let her have both. She didn't want to help the lady with stuffing it, so Andrew did that instead. What's so cute is that the store has a little tub you can use to give your newly stuffed animal a "bath." At that point she was just done with the whole thing, so she made a beeline for the exit. The last few moments in the store are a bit of a blur.

I think what also helped me get my mind off this day was a phone call from my sister. She needs a babysitter for tomorrow night. I'm thrilled to be able to spend a little time with my nephew. He's getting to be more and more fun lately. He's a hilarious little dude. He's smiling and finding his voice more, so the interaction is wonderful.

(how cute is he!!)

Today might've been a crazy day, but I think if God didn't throw us these curve balls in life, things would be kinda boring. I'm just glad today is done. Bring on the weekend!

P.S. I've finished Little House On The Prairie and am now starting on Farmer Boy. Yay for me!

Are We Done Yet?

Well, our bathroom has yet to be fixed. The dry wall guys came yesterday and while he was putting it up, there was another leak. So he had to, and I quote "Shut the project down." Uggh! We do, however, have another bathroom that is in the main bedroom, so that's good. But our hallway looks a little like this:

After the leak started, this place turned into a circus. I had people coming in and out of here. People on their cell phones, turning the water on and off. Maddie slept through the whole thing, Andrew was awake. So finally the plumber came and he fixed the leak.

So now, as I'm writing this, I'm waiting for the dry wall guys to come back. Then our maintenance man should put the vanity back in and this whole mess can be done and forgotten about.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hot Stuff

It's almost like clockwork. Everyday while I'm either checking emails or working on my blog, Madison will come up and sit with me in the computer chair. Sometimes she'll sit on my lap and watch me, or she'll stand behind me and watch TV. But whatever she's doing, she always asks for her chap stick. "More Peeze" is how she'll ask politely, and I know that's her way of asking for it. When I give it to her, I'll allow just a little of the stick to show, so she can't make too much of a mess. I always keep my eye on her with that because she likes to put layers upon layers of that stuff on her lips, and her cheeks. So as I was finishing up on the computer, I turned to see how my little make-up artist was doing.

Isn't she lovely? It was EVERYWHERE! She had not only been spreading it on her lips, it was on her cheeks, her fingers, her arms, her hands, even her tee shirt!

She had taken her finger and started digging out the stuff to put on her face. Unfortunately I had to throw it out, but she's not fazed by that. I'm just praying that when it's time for real make-up, she doesn't have a repeat session like today.

Mr. Muscle Man

This was just something he had to try. My son and him had been talking about muscles during dinner that night, so afterwards he thought he would give this a shot. He first wanted the kids to hang on his arms, but Maddie didn't understand how to do that, so he just held them up. They really got a kick out of doing this with daddy. I'm just glad I was able to get it on film!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A Blast From The Past

Remember these? My daughter came out of the bathroom with them. Growing up, my mom put these in my sister's and my hair almost every Saturday night. And then come Sunday, our hair was curly for church. Oh I remember trying to sleep with damp hair and these rollers, plus a towel on our pillows. In the morning, I would sometimes find rollers that had fallen out, and had some places with no curl, but that's when you'd bring out the big ole' curling iron. I tried using them on my daughter, but her hair is too thin. Plus she kept pulling them out. I love to look at something I'd used when I was little, and the memories just flood my mind.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Ugh...What A Day!

There is only one good thing about living in an apartment, when something breaks, we don't have to pay for it to be fixed! We've been having some trouble with our main bathroom toilet. It's been leaking underneath and has been sweating a lot! We've been keeping the door open so it wouldn't get humid in there, so the toilet wouldn't have any condensation. (We HAD been keeping it closed because my daughter, who loves water, would try and climb inside the toilet. But that's a whole 'nother story)
On Sunday, my husband had noticed a puddle of water near the closet and called our maintenance man, who later found a leaky pipe.
He came back yesterday to fix it, and ended up having to pull the sink away from the wall and made a big hole in the wall and a nice mess.
As of today, we have to wait until the dry-waller can come in to fix the hole. Then the maintenance guy can put everything back the way it was. Hopefully then, everything will be back to normal.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Remember Their Sacrifice

To all our soliders out there, thanks for fighting for our freedom.
memorial day

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Fun In The Sun

What a gorgeous day today! It had to be almost 80 degrees outside. I'm not sure if it's been our first nice day of the year, but it sure has been the first in a long time. I had to take advantage of it! I packed the kids into the van and headed over to my parents for a few hours. When we first got there, Maddie had to check out the flowers. After watching Bee Movie so many times, pretty much every time we're at their house she has to go over to the flowers and say Bee! (even if there aren't any there) Today, while looking at a bunch of flowers, there happened to be 2 bumblebees on it. She was just fascinated with them.

My mom is an avid florist. She doesn't work at one, but she has that touch. I noticed when we first got there, these, well really cute ball-shaped pink flowers.

I couldn't resist but to take a couple and put them in Maddie's hair.

Further into the day, as my kids are out and about I hear: "Mommy, Mommy, Mommy! Come look! Hurry!" He had found a toad.

There are two outside creatures that Andrew absolutely loves. Toads and worms. And just like any other time, he has to touch it to make it jump. Then there's me, trying to get him to pose for a picture. And he was so patient with me to get the perfect one. Plus he attempted and succeeded to pick this toad up. It took a few tries, but he did it! He was just beside himself with excitement when he had this poor thing in his hand. But I was proud!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Kindergarden Field Day 2008

Today was a good day. Weather wise, event wise. Andrew did so well! I'm so proud of him. I'm thankful that the weather was nice enough. The wind was kinda chilly, but that didn't seem to faze the kids. Their first event was to run one lap around the track. It was funny, they all started out running really fast, and then you saw off in the distance, they were walking! You couldn't help but laugh a little. All those kids did fantastic, but I'm partial to my kid. Check out the photos below.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

One Down...Seven To Go!

I'm not surprised to be through the first book already. There aren't that many chapters and the words are bigger than the other books. But still, I'm down one book. I don't read as much as I used to, so I'm glad I've given myself this project. I'm disciplining myself to do this, no matter what. I think what draws me to these books the most is how this family lived, so many years ago. They didn't need the television or even books to be entertained, they had their imaginations and things around them. Well, onto the next one!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

All By Herself

You know when you have your first born, and someone that's already had kids tells you, "Oh, before you know it, they'll be walking around, or going to school." And you think, Nahh, not my kid. Obviously it's true, and with my daughter it seems to be going by quicker than I'm ready for. Just the other day, I was starting to help her get out of her pajamas. (a tee shirt and cotton pants), we got the shirt off together, but when it came to the pants, she wanted to do it by herself. And she did it! So today when she got up, I thought I'd let her undress and put her clothes on by herself. She couldn't get the shirt off, but she took those pants off like she was a pro. And this is what makes me so proud, she dressed herself! With the shirt, there were a few times she got frustrated, but she pulled it over her head without any help from me. And the same with her pants, she sat on the floor and put her little legs into each place and pulled them up no problem. She is a very determined little girl, so she doesn't see this huge deal as anything but something new she's learned to do. What will she do next?

Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Long Road Ahead

Well, I'm going to do it. Do what you might ask? I'm going to read through the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. And for any of yous who haven't read them, there are 8 books total. This will the be second time I'll be doing this and I'm pretty excited! I've started and stopped this feat more times than I can count, but I'm determined to read through them all. The way she writes in her books, makes it hard to put them down. Plus it gives you an insight into her world during that time period. If you are in the mood to do some reading, then I recommend reading these books.

The first one is Little House In The Big Woods. Throughout this whole ordeal, I'll keep this blog posted on how I'm doing. Wish me luck!

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bowl Of Fun

One of the things I love about warmer temps is being able to eat ice cream, without having to bundle up just to enjoy it. Not that tonight was a comfortable 65 or 75 degrees, but it isn't below freezing, so it was safe. My son had asked for it earlier in the day, so I told him if he ate all his dinner he could have a small bowl. (we had just bought some mint choc. chip the night before)
He, of course, just couldn't finish everything on his plate, so he passed and said he would try tomorrow. My daughter on the other hand, being that she's our sweet tooth, jumped at the chance for some. But had decided earlier on she didn't want to finish her dinner, so as she watched me eat mine, I think I convinced her to eat some of her food. I was content with the amount she ate, so she was a happy camper when I gave her the rest of mine.

Little Bookworm

I remember when Andrew first started kindergarden, his teacher had sent home a list of things the kids would be learning to do, and have mastered by the end of the school year. And what stuck out the most to me, was reading. Now, not that I didn't have faith in my son, but I figured that they would learn to do that in the first grade. Boy was I ever wrong. He's fantastic at it! Any chance he can get he'll sit down and read a book. I'm so proud of him!

So tonight after dinner, he wanted to read a book he had found in his bookcase. He chose, What Can You Do With A Shoe? This was a present from his uncle and aunt for his 2nd birthday, and Andrew always loves a challenge. I recommend this book, it's fun to read! He read through it without getting very much help with words. I hope he still enjoys reading as he grows up.

You'll Never Walk Alone

I remember the first time I accepted Jesus into my heart. My Dad, sister Beth and I were watching a Christian television program. And when it came time at the end of that to take the sinners prayer, my dad asked us if we wanted to do that. We both said that we did. That prayer has changed my life in such a good and meaningful way. Through the years I've strayed and came back to God. I've never been happy with myself for doing that. What I find to be helpful is just immersing myself in His Word and going to church. A good devotional is a plus.

We haven't gone to church for the last two weeks because of sickness. First it was me and then my daughter. We had my nephew's dedication lastnight and as the song service was beginning, I just felt this feeling in my soul, kinda like you're watering a dry plant. That's really the only way I can describe it. I felt like my soul was just dry because I hadn't been to church or been in that kind of Godly presence. It was pretty awesome. When I was lifting my hands in praise to Him, I remember having this feeling of peace.

If there's anyone reading this that isn't sure of how they feel about Jesus, don't be afraid of Him. He can change your life for the better. He isn't a fake, He's real. Don't be afraid to call or check out a nearby church. I have three awesome churches listed on this site. Check one of those out. You won't regret having Jesus in your life. I promise.

This is pretty awesome:

Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Role Of A Lifetime

I remember when I was younger, each time my sisters and I played any type of dress-up or Barbie dolls, I always had to play a mom or my barbie was a mom. That was just something I always did. You know when you're growing up and people ask you, oh what do you want to be when you grow up. Or during high school you were trying to figure out what college to go to, to become what you always dreamed of becoming? I never sweated that because the only thing I wanted to do with my life, was to get married and have kids.

As we celebrate this day, I give God thanks for my mom. She's an amazing woman, bar none. There is a list of words I could make describing her, but I think the two that mean the most to me would have to be that she's giving and selfless. Growing up, not a day went by that she didn't tell us she loved us or praised us in anything we did. What I appreciated the most, is that she always prayed for us. To be Godly women and do things to the best of our abilities. What I appreciate today as an adult, is the friendship she and I have. She's my bestfriend. I love you mom!
Being a mom is so rewarding in every aspect. My son is such a loving little boy who loves to give me hugs and kisses. If I'm not feeling good, he'll make me a card. He's got such a good little heart, always aiming to please. Of course he does know when and what buttons to push, but what kid doesn't do that. I'm excited to see him grow and mature into a young man someday, to see what God has instore for him.
My daughter is just a joy. She definately keeps me on my toes, but she is such a funny little girl. Her smile just makes me melt. She isn't one to cuddle unless she doesn't feel well, but the way she just is, who she is as a little person more than makes up for any missed cuddles. She knows what she wants, even now at 2 1/2, which eases my mind for when she grows up. She's going to make a name for herself. I'm also excited to see what God has instore for her.
God has truly blessed me as a mom. I have two wonderful, gifted children who I am very thankful for. Nothing else compares to being a mom. There is no job or career that can top this. I pray that someday, the relationships I have with them will blossom into a friendship and carry on through the years.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Joys Of Playing The Wii

My husband always talked about getting one of these. He's been through so many different game consoles, I wasn't surprised when he mentioned getting a Wii. Of course, they are hard to find. But I'd like to think we got lucky with ours. My husband only waited 45 mins., and was able to come home and then go back later to go and pick it up! We've gotten several games since then, but the favorite between my husband and me are the Wii Sports. You can play bowling, golf, tennis and boxing. We tend to bowl than any other sport. Although my son would tell you different. His favorite game as of late, is the new Mario Kart.
Mario Kart Wii
I've played it once, and what's really neat with this game is you have a steering wheel instead of just the controller. So when we came home tonight after running a couple errands, I'm sure you can imagine what my husband and son went to do.

Madison wanted to give it a try, too. She got the steering down, but she wouldn't look at the tv.

After a couple rounds of that game, they tried the bowling, to which Jonathan beat Andrew both times. What I love about watching Andrew play this game, is that he's very theatrical. I mean, one leg will go up as both his arms go flying everywhere. And he's very proud of the way he bowls. It's so funny!

I love spending time with my family in a fun way like this. And I look forward to more of them!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Check These Out

Are you surprised?

Now this is more like it!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Must See Movie

So I was looking at the list of movies that I want to see, and figured I would start with this one. For one thing, my husband had bought it when it came out, and I had heard that it was a must see. I liked it. I really did. It's quirky, and pulls at your heartstrings, too. If you haven't seen this yet, go and rent it or buy it. You won't be disappointed.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

In Her Own Words

I've always loved this story. So when our son was about 2 years old, we bought him the book for Christmas. We read it to him as often as we could, but as he got older, it was put on the shelf and forgotten about. That is until we figured it was time to read it to our daughter. So every night, whose ever turn it is to put her to bed, after her prayers, we read her this book. Now, a while back, she started picking up on certain words, so we let her say them. It's fun to read this story with her.

Earlier today, she had gone into her room, and I overheard her say the last sentence of the book, "Goodnight noises everywhere," and I was soo excited! Those are long words!

Well, then after dinner, she started saying everywhere, so I asked her if she wanted to read her nuh-night book. She, of course, wanted to. But this time, she went through the entire book, saying the words she knew, and in her own language, the ones we usually say. And just like she is, she was very focused and determined to finish it. I think my favorite word, was her very quiet "hush."

It was so cute to hear her read this book, and be serious about it.

I'm looking forward to the day when she reads it to me!