Thursday, May 15, 2008

You'll Never Walk Alone

I remember the first time I accepted Jesus into my heart. My Dad, sister Beth and I were watching a Christian television program. And when it came time at the end of that to take the sinners prayer, my dad asked us if we wanted to do that. We both said that we did. That prayer has changed my life in such a good and meaningful way. Through the years I've strayed and came back to God. I've never been happy with myself for doing that. What I find to be helpful is just immersing myself in His Word and going to church. A good devotional is a plus.

We haven't gone to church for the last two weeks because of sickness. First it was me and then my daughter. We had my nephew's dedication lastnight and as the song service was beginning, I just felt this feeling in my soul, kinda like you're watering a dry plant. That's really the only way I can describe it. I felt like my soul was just dry because I hadn't been to church or been in that kind of Godly presence. It was pretty awesome. When I was lifting my hands in praise to Him, I remember having this feeling of peace.

If there's anyone reading this that isn't sure of how they feel about Jesus, don't be afraid of Him. He can change your life for the better. He isn't a fake, He's real. Don't be afraid to call or check out a nearby church. I have three awesome churches listed on this site. Check one of those out. You won't regret having Jesus in your life. I promise.

This is pretty awesome: