Wednesday, May 21, 2008

All By Herself

You know when you have your first born, and someone that's already had kids tells you, "Oh, before you know it, they'll be walking around, or going to school." And you think, Nahh, not my kid. Obviously it's true, and with my daughter it seems to be going by quicker than I'm ready for. Just the other day, I was starting to help her get out of her pajamas. (a tee shirt and cotton pants), we got the shirt off together, but when it came to the pants, she wanted to do it by herself. And she did it! So today when she got up, I thought I'd let her undress and put her clothes on by herself. She couldn't get the shirt off, but she took those pants off like she was a pro. And this is what makes me so proud, she dressed herself! With the shirt, there were a few times she got frustrated, but she pulled it over her head without any help from me. And the same with her pants, she sat on the floor and put her little legs into each place and pulled them up no problem. She is a very determined little girl, so she doesn't see this huge deal as anything but something new she's learned to do. What will she do next?