Thursday, June 26, 2008

Inside The Mind Of A 6 Year Old Boy

I just had a good conversation with my son. Being that he's 6 years old, it's obviously a long time away from when he meets the person God has planned to be his future spouse. So with that thought way to the back of my head, what he and I talked about was rather amusing.
He and his sister were coloring pictures, he was coloring one for his Papa, and Maddie was just scribbling. Andrew was busy coloring in the lines making the picture just right for Papa, when Maddie decided to put her scribbles on his coloring page. Well, he was trying to tell her no, when I told him that he wasn't her parent. She already has a daddy and a mommy and she doesn't need to have her brother telling her what to do.
What he said next is what makes me smile and kinda shake my head. He said that he would be her daddy soon. Because he was a boy and boys are daddies. That's when I started shaking my head. I had to change that idea real quick. I told him that he wasn't going to just all of a sudden be her dad. (no, it didn't go in that direction) I said that someday, even though he doesn't now, he will like girls. He asked me if he would love them. I told him that, yes, there would be a girl out there, one that God has planned for him to meet and fall in love with. He told me he would love his Nana and me. That made me smile. "Well I know you will, but I mean someone other than me or your Nana..." is what I told him. I laid it all out, in kid-like fashion that when he was older, he would meet a girl, one that God had planned to be with just him. They would date, fall in love, get engaged and then get married. I then said that after you're married, and when it's the right time for the both of you, then you can be a daddy. (thankfully he didn't ask me HOW he would be a daddy...I'm not ready for that conversation yet.)
I am not kidding you, he sat and listened to me the whole time. And for my son, that's hard to do sometimes. So I think he got it. He didn't ask me anything else after that, just went back to coloring. Kids!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wordless Wednesday-Children Praying

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Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just The Two Of Us

When Andrew was in school, that time was usually spent doing things with my daughter. That one-on-one time is wonderful! So when this movie, Kung Fu Panda, came out and my son mentioned it was something he wanted to see, I offered to take him. My husband is our movie guru, so he will usually take Andrew to see a movie. But this time it was something I wanted to do with him.

It's a pretty funny movie. I mean, come on, it's Jack Black! There were other stars who lent their voices, but he tops them. Fortunately the movie isn't long enough for him to lose interest. And the humor is almost non-stop. I think I enjoyed it more than he did.

When your child is first born, you don't imagine that in almost the blink of an eye, they're almost 7 years old! You try and get in as much time with them before they're too old to hang out with their mom. I know I'm thinking too far ahead, but life goes quickly and I'm not going to miss a thing with him!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Let The Workouts Begin!

I've made my mind up, today is the day I will start working out. And I have! I'm really excited to get back in shape a little more. When I would do these workouts before, my kids were taking their naps. This time they were eating breakfast and watching me. I don't mind the audience, but I think I'll go back to doing this when they're asleep. What's nice about this routine is there are two different types of workouts to choose from. One works your whole body, but it isn't as long. The other still works your whole body, but it's longer and more of an accelerated routine. I usually will do the first one for a week or so until I feel like my body isn't getting anything from it and then I'll start the second one. I'm excited for the results. Let's hope I stick with it longer than I did before. A month!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

It Takes A Special Man To Be Called "Dad"

As we celebrate Father's Day today, I'd like to just say a few things about two really important dads in my life. First is my dad. Growing up, he and I did almost everything together. If he had to run to a store, I was right there with him. It didn't matter if it was the hardware store or Meijers, I wanted to go where he was going. Every night when he would come home from work, we would run up to him and throw our arms around him and tell him how much we missed him. When I was getting closer to the age of driving, he would teach me on the back roads every now and then, how to drive. And when I turned 16, he took me to get my driving permit. For my actual birthday, day, he played "Sixteen Candles" while he had the video camera on just me. It was an awkward moment, but it was my dad being my dad. And I love him for it. As an adult now I see him as more than just my dad, he's also my best friend. God has truly blessed me with this wonderful man that I am proud to call My Dad. I Love You!

When I first met my husband, I knew at that moment that he would be the father of my kids. When we first found out we were pregnant with out son, he opened the bedroom window and shouted out "I'm going to be a dad!" I'll remember that moment forever. When our "bud-bud" was born, the pride that he showed looking at his son is indescribable. When our daughter was born, watching him hold his "foxy" was a truly wonderful moment. He told me that day how thankful he was God had given him two healthy and beautiful children. He doesn't really like all the attention that comes from this day, but knowing him like I do, he's very proud to be a daddy. I love to watch him throw the football or wrestle with our son, and then sit down and have a tea party with our daughter. He has such a tender heart for his children. I've been blessed with two men who have such love in their hearts for their kids and God has blessed them in return for relationships that will last a lifetime!

I thought this was pretty cute..check it out!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tomorrow Is Another Day

Talk about brain freeze. It's been a few days since I've done a post, so I'd like people to know I'm still around. But I can't think of anything to write about.

Today has been a laid back kinda day. My son spent the night at my parents, so it's been nice having to take care of only one kid. Plus I like some one-on-one time with my little girl. She's growing too fast! I was able to talk with my husband's family with our computer camera and I got to see my nephews and niece. My sister-in-law had her 3rd son in February, so I was able to see him. He's getting so big and cuter! Saturdays are usually the days when we'll try to catch up on any cleaning so there isn't much for Monday. What I love to see is my kids "helping" daddy if he's vacuuming. Madison got a vacuum for her birthday and she's doing just that. It's so cute to see. As for me, I'm getting through the day. But I'm ready for it to be done. I think I'll take Maddie to the park, my husband has the cleaning bug!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Schools Out!

Well, this day has finally come. Andrew's last day of school! I was so ready for that whole routine to be done with. And I think deep down, he was too.

Being that today was their last day, the kids went to a park instead of doing something around the school. And we were blessed with pretty nice weather, considering. Anyone reading this who is from Michigan knows what I'm talking about. Thank you Jesus for keeping away the rain! When it was time to go, the kids were all pretty played out. I'm so happy they all had a fun day to end such a wonderful school year.

The school my son goes to is a wonderful school. If you are having a hard time finding a school, or unsure which school to send your child(ren) you should really check out this website. National Heritage Academies. It gives you the option to look for any nearby charter schools. You can search by city, state and zip code. Check it out!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

My Big Girl

I knew growing up, that if I ever had a daughter I was going to have her ears pierced. Mine have been pierced since before kindergarden so I figured that's when I would have hers done. But you know how life changes with each day. When I knew I was having a girl I said I wanted them done when she was a baby. But when she was born it was a decision I wasn't going to make. She was too small and precious! No way was I going to have anything like that touch her ears. Plus my husband was totally against it from the start.

Well here we are, two and a half years later and my thinking has changed. She's a tough little cookie. She can take as good as she gives. I knew she'd be alright. She skinned her knee a couple days ago and cried for a few seconds and then was done with it. So we did it!

We went to the mall tonight and had her ears pierced! She did a really good job. She sat on my lap when they were being done, and all she did was flinch a little when it happened. She didn't cry once! I was so proud of her. They gave her a lollipop and sticker that says: Just Got My Ears Pierced. This was the best part, she says thank-you after they were all done. She was thrilled!

And writing this now, she hasn't bothered with them at all. Well, except when I was cleaning and turning them. But that's a given. All in all, I'm glad it had a good turnout. It was the kind I was praying for!

Friday, June 6, 2008

Kindergarden Graduation

Today my son has graduated! I'm so proud of him. He's made so many accomplishments this year, what's not to be proud of. Now if you ask him if he's ready to be done, the answer you'd get might surprise you. Because he's not ready for it to be done. Now if you ask me that same question, you'll get a big Yes! Although I'm glad he likes school, the kid needs a break. We need to be done with that whole routine for a while.
The "ceremony" was short and sweet. When we first got there, they were all sitting in their chairs at the front of the room, waiting. It was kinda cute. When it did start they said their Pledge to the flag, then they recited a poem, which was pretty funny. Next they individually stood up and told us what they wanted to be when they grew up. Andrew said he wanted to be a teacher. How awesome is that! Then they were given their diplomas and an empty piece of paper so that they could get their friend's "signatures" before they left. I thought that was a unique idea.
I remember thinking when this school year started, "I can't believe he's a kindergardener." And now it's here and gone. Bring on first grade! (just not too quickly!)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bedtime Play

Lastnight was my turn to put Madison to bed. She was in her pajamas, her teeth were brushed, all she needed to do was to say good night to her daddy. When you're trying to put your kid to bed for the night, you don't want them getting worked up, it makes it harder for them to fall asleep. But you just can't help it sometimes, especially with someone like Madison. She's pretty funny. I love the screaming/laughing. (be sure to pause the music on the player before starting the video)

Click to play Bedtime Play
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