Thursday, June 26, 2008

Inside The Mind Of A 6 Year Old Boy

I just had a good conversation with my son. Being that he's 6 years old, it's obviously a long time away from when he meets the person God has planned to be his future spouse. So with that thought way to the back of my head, what he and I talked about was rather amusing.
He and his sister were coloring pictures, he was coloring one for his Papa, and Maddie was just scribbling. Andrew was busy coloring in the lines making the picture just right for Papa, when Maddie decided to put her scribbles on his coloring page. Well, he was trying to tell her no, when I told him that he wasn't her parent. She already has a daddy and a mommy and she doesn't need to have her brother telling her what to do.
What he said next is what makes me smile and kinda shake my head. He said that he would be her daddy soon. Because he was a boy and boys are daddies. That's when I started shaking my head. I had to change that idea real quick. I told him that he wasn't going to just all of a sudden be her dad. (no, it didn't go in that direction) I said that someday, even though he doesn't now, he will like girls. He asked me if he would love them. I told him that, yes, there would be a girl out there, one that God has planned for him to meet and fall in love with. He told me he would love his Nana and me. That made me smile. "Well I know you will, but I mean someone other than me or your Nana..." is what I told him. I laid it all out, in kid-like fashion that when he was older, he would meet a girl, one that God had planned to be with just him. They would date, fall in love, get engaged and then get married. I then said that after you're married, and when it's the right time for the both of you, then you can be a daddy. (thankfully he didn't ask me HOW he would be a daddy...I'm not ready for that conversation yet.)
I am not kidding you, he sat and listened to me the whole time. And for my son, that's hard to do sometimes. So I think he got it. He didn't ask me anything else after that, just went back to coloring. Kids!