Saturday, June 21, 2008

Just The Two Of Us

When Andrew was in school, that time was usually spent doing things with my daughter. That one-on-one time is wonderful! So when this movie, Kung Fu Panda, came out and my son mentioned it was something he wanted to see, I offered to take him. My husband is our movie guru, so he will usually take Andrew to see a movie. But this time it was something I wanted to do with him.

It's a pretty funny movie. I mean, come on, it's Jack Black! There were other stars who lent their voices, but he tops them. Fortunately the movie isn't long enough for him to lose interest. And the humor is almost non-stop. I think I enjoyed it more than he did.

When your child is first born, you don't imagine that in almost the blink of an eye, they're almost 7 years old! You try and get in as much time with them before they're too old to hang out with their mom. I know I'm thinking too far ahead, but life goes quickly and I'm not going to miss a thing with him!