Monday, April 27, 2009

Close Call

God is definitely on our side. And always watching out for us. Yesterday morning was quite a morning. We were supposed to work the nursery at our church, but instead ended up at an Urgent Care. I think my daughter is prone to accidents. We have a little slope in front of our building here and she just loves to run up it and then run down. Who didn't when they were younger?? Well, with my back turned and my husband talking to our son, she ran down the little hill. The only thing I heard was a loud smack! And then crying. She told us her hands hurt, which would explain the loud smack sound we heard. Well that's ok. That'll feel better soon. No reason to go to an urgent care. Yeah, but when I got her into her car seat and her head fell forward and back like she had no head control and was unresponsive? Yeah, that would do it. I tapped her cheek to snap her out of it, which she did. But that sent up all sorts of red flags for us.

At the urgent care, the doctor did all sorts of tests. Checked her eyes, reflexes, ears, felt all around her head. He said she was just fine. But to keep an eye on her and if anything changes, we needed to head over to the ER for a CT scan. Thankfully we haven't had to do that. She's ok. She wakes up from sleeping with no problems. She's eating and drinking and playing like nothing happened. What a relief! And what an answer to our prayers. Her angels were watching out for her that day!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wordless Wednesday ~ A Day At The Park

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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Over Too Soon

The last few days we've been having a taste of summer time temps. Upper 70's. We've taken the kids to the park yesterday and then again today. I've unfortunately under dressed them both times, but they didn't seem to notice. All that running around helps them not notice the cooler breeze. And as much as I love spring, I'd rather have the warm temperatures that come with summer. I'm sick of doing layers.

It's like, now since we've had a reminder of what warmer weather is like (funny how you forget once we've been through winter) when we have it, we want it to stay. But then days like today last just a little while and spring temps come back. It's a just a big tease! (I'm sure God is smiling at me right now. I don't mind that. ) I like having all my windows at home open, or not bundling up myself or the kiddos because it's so cold! I really enjoy not being a hermit and getting fresh air in my lungs. But enough of my rantings. I am thankful for one thing though. No More Snow! (I shouldn't have said that, this is Michigan after all)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

One Year Ago ~ Today

I can still remember what I wrote about the first time I ever blogged. It was about my van. Yup, the same one we still have now. And once again it was giving us trouble. I remember how enthused I was about having an "online journal". I vowed to write in it everyday! (well that's what I told myself anyway) I gotta say though, I do love to blog. I may not keep up on it as often as I'd like but I'm proud of my little spot on the web.

Easter Sunday 2009

This was taken right before we left for church. I think they dress up pretty nice.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Has It Been That Long??

I know I've been neglecting my poor blog, *gulp* and twittering. I honestly just have had no umph in me to write. Life has been chaotic and carefree these last few weeks. Our ancient van (a 1994) was in dire need of some repairs. But thankfully my uncle recommended a good mechanic and we were able to get all the work done for much less.

Easter was good. My nephew and my son dressed pretty much the same. All but the shirt and they were practically twins. It was pretty cute. And my lovely little girl was all dressed in purple. (my fav color) (I'll post pics later)

I've been reading those Stephenie Meyer books too. Only the first two, but I gotta tell ya, I was hooked after reading the 2nd one first. (I watched the movie so I already knew the story) I think I read through both of those books within a week. And they're 500+ pages! I'm holding off to read the others so I'm not too far ahead of the movies. (I'm weird that way)

My husband is still out of a job, but God has been faithful and we are doing well with just unemployment. I love having him around and being able to use the van whenever I need it. But I think he's ready for a job, he's been quite bored lately.

I think that's me up till now. I checked to see when my blogversary was, and it's tomorrow already! Hokey Pete!

I guess having my husband home, it enables me (us) to do more things outside of our home. I'm sorry to any followers that might be giving up on me. I promise to stay on top of this!