Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Has It Been That Long??

I know I've been neglecting my poor blog, *gulp* and twittering. I honestly just have had no umph in me to write. Life has been chaotic and carefree these last few weeks. Our ancient van (a 1994) was in dire need of some repairs. But thankfully my uncle recommended a good mechanic and we were able to get all the work done for much less.

Easter was good. My nephew and my son dressed pretty much the same. All but the shirt and they were practically twins. It was pretty cute. And my lovely little girl was all dressed in purple. (my fav color) (I'll post pics later)

I've been reading those Stephenie Meyer books too. Only the first two, but I gotta tell ya, I was hooked after reading the 2nd one first. (I watched the movie so I already knew the story) I think I read through both of those books within a week. And they're 500+ pages! I'm holding off to read the others so I'm not too far ahead of the movies. (I'm weird that way)

My husband is still out of a job, but God has been faithful and we are doing well with just unemployment. I love having him around and being able to use the van whenever I need it. But I think he's ready for a job, he's been quite bored lately.

I think that's me up till now. I checked to see when my blogversary was, and it's tomorrow already! Hokey Pete!

I guess having my husband home, it enables me (us) to do more things outside of our home. I'm sorry to any followers that might be giving up on me. I promise to stay on top of this!