Saturday, April 18, 2009

Over Too Soon

The last few days we've been having a taste of summer time temps. Upper 70's. We've taken the kids to the park yesterday and then again today. I've unfortunately under dressed them both times, but they didn't seem to notice. All that running around helps them not notice the cooler breeze. And as much as I love spring, I'd rather have the warm temperatures that come with summer. I'm sick of doing layers.

It's like, now since we've had a reminder of what warmer weather is like (funny how you forget once we've been through winter) when we have it, we want it to stay. But then days like today last just a little while and spring temps come back. It's a just a big tease! (I'm sure God is smiling at me right now. I don't mind that. ) I like having all my windows at home open, or not bundling up myself or the kiddos because it's so cold! I really enjoy not being a hermit and getting fresh air in my lungs. But enough of my rantings. I am thankful for one thing though. No More Snow! (I shouldn't have said that, this is Michigan after all)