Monday, April 27, 2009

Close Call

God is definitely on our side. And always watching out for us. Yesterday morning was quite a morning. We were supposed to work the nursery at our church, but instead ended up at an Urgent Care. I think my daughter is prone to accidents. We have a little slope in front of our building here and she just loves to run up it and then run down. Who didn't when they were younger?? Well, with my back turned and my husband talking to our son, she ran down the little hill. The only thing I heard was a loud smack! And then crying. She told us her hands hurt, which would explain the loud smack sound we heard. Well that's ok. That'll feel better soon. No reason to go to an urgent care. Yeah, but when I got her into her car seat and her head fell forward and back like she had no head control and was unresponsive? Yeah, that would do it. I tapped her cheek to snap her out of it, which she did. But that sent up all sorts of red flags for us.

At the urgent care, the doctor did all sorts of tests. Checked her eyes, reflexes, ears, felt all around her head. He said she was just fine. But to keep an eye on her and if anything changes, we needed to head over to the ER for a CT scan. Thankfully we haven't had to do that. She's ok. She wakes up from sleeping with no problems. She's eating and drinking and playing like nothing happened. What a relief! And what an answer to our prayers. Her angels were watching out for her that day!


Staci said...

How scary! I'm glad she's okay! Sending good thoughts your way!

Jen said...

Thank you Staci!