Saturday, May 9, 2009

Tis The Season

You know when you're in the middle of winter and you're sick of the snow and ice and chilly temps? You're thinking about how much you'd love to be sitting on a warm beach, not bundled up and shivering. You can't wait for spring to make an entrance. Because with spring comes warmer than winter weather. The flowers start to bloom, the sun is out much more.

Unfortunately for some people, that means the start of their allergies. Growing up, I never had those. No one in my family did. I meet my husband and find out what they're like, sorta. Then my son develops them. We're not entirely sure what he's allergic to, but we know the signs that they're kicking in. He's always rubbing his nose, he gets dark circles under his eyes. And oh yes, there's lots of sneezing. Thankfully there's claratin and that does wonders. And, thankfully, he only has them when spring is first here until we get a really hot summer day.

Then we had our daughter. It looked as though she wouldn't have any allergies. Until, that is, she started having really bad coughing fits. I can't describe to you how awful these are. She can't sleep or do anything. She's just constantly coughing. After bringing her to her doctor countless times, they figured it was allergies. My poor little girl has them year round. She's such a trooper though. She blows her nose really well and takes her meds without any trouble. They usually come full force when spring is here, but once we get into summer, they tend to back off a bit.

So, when it's winter time and I'm ready for the warmer weather, as much as I love springtime, I think I'd much rather just jump from winter to summer. For my kids sake, of course.

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