Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Must For Your Kids

I'm big on reading books, always have been. My son, now that he is able to read on his own, is an avid reader. Any chance we get we'll head over to the library and get books. A couple months ago I was at a cousin's son's birthday party and he had gotten this book. I read through and really enjoyed it. The author is Laura Joffe Numeroff. It was called If You Give A Pig A Pancake. A fun book to read. So while my son and I were at the library the other day, I had to pick up at least one of her books. I found If You Give A Moose A Muffin. I think we've read through it at least a handful of times. I like that it challenges him, but he can also enjoy the story. Even though it's a little longer than her usual books, my daughter will sit through these. And that's good, because she doesn't sit still for much of anything. If you're unsure about what to have your children read, go out and try these books out. You won't be disappointed. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wordless Wednesday ~ A New Coat

Maddie just got this in the mail from her Nanny and she just HAD to try it on. Even though it's 70 degrees out!

Go Wordless Here...

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Remembering My Cousin

Today is a date that will forever be cemented in my mind. I lost my cousin, at only 20 years old, to cancer. She was a new mom, and in my opinion, just starting to live her life. Her name was Angie. She was outgoing and funny. Oh boy was she funny. Between our birthdays there is 4 months and 2 days. That's not much, but to us growing up, it meant she would be able to do everything first. First and foremost, driving. And driving meant the mall! You know what comes with going to the mall, why shopping of course. She always used to tell me that when she got her first car, the license plate would say, "Foxy." That still makes me laugh today, not what she said, but how she would say it. She always knew the coolest clothes to wear and the "in" hairstyles of the day. Which back in the day was good to know, and even cooler because she was my cousin and I could borrow things! The "mosquito" faces we always had to make in our pictures. Ahh those mosquito faces. She LOVED horses. When she lived up north she lived near a horse ranch and every time we'd go up there, we always had to check them out. Of course, my sisters and I always had to watch either Annie or The Sound Of Music before venturing outdoors. She was always pretty patient with us. As we grew up and began making our own choices, she took a different path. Probably making choices that weren't the healthiest or the wisest. But that was her. She was a free spirit. Not that that was always good. But that didn't make me love her any less, just made me pray for her more. I remember a time when she was home after being on her own for sometime and jumping back into life like it had never changed. Of course she had some pretty interesting stories to tell. The last time she came home, it was to stay. She was pregnant and determined to be healthy for her baby. I was so proud of her. And what was the best news, she was living her life for God! During that time she was diagnosed with cancer. She was really upbeat about the whole thing, I think that's what I remember the most during that time was her attitude about it all. She was determined to beat this thing! God had other plans. As hard as it was to take in, He always knows what is best. I'm thankful He took her when he did. She had a relationship with Jesus and was at peace with everyone in her family. Plus, God has blessed us with a daily reminder, her son. He is the spitting image of her! There is so much of her that we see in him. God is so good, even in times of sorrow. In a video tribute made for her, there is one sentence on there that I find the most peace in: Cry Not For Me, For I Am With The Lord. Angie may not be here with us today, but where she is right now is where I'll see her again!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Birthdays Birthdays Birthdays

This year has just flown by so quickly! Almost too fast. I think at this time of the year though, you're almost ready for the autumn weather to come. At least I am. And that usually means birthday party planning for us. My kids' birthdays are both in October. Once my daughter was born I thought about combining their parties, to save time, maybe a little money. But then I thought a little more and I wanted to be able to let them have their own day.

And here we are. Yeah I know we're only into the 2nd week of September, but I'm a planner. I need to have things squared away long before the actual event. It starts with finding birthday themes. I have a cousin who has used Birthday Express and has been really happy with them. We have a place over here called Party City and we'll usually take a look at the themes there and let the kids choose what they'd like. (course I've been choosing for Madison, for now anyways)

I've been really happy the last couple years with a cake place over here, so I'll probably stick with her again this year. I'm happy to say the kids each have the theme of their choice, well my son does anyway, my daughter's is girly enough without being over the top.

As excited as I am to put together these birthday parties, I'm also a little sad because it's my kids being a year older. And before I know it, they'll be too old to have these. I'm cherishing the time I'm able to do these and I hope that when my kids ARE older they'll remember them!

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Good To The Last Book

Well, I've done it. I've completed all the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. And can I just say, I'm glad I did. I don't mean because there were so many of them, but the experience of reading them again. When I first started reading them I think my thinking was, yeah this is a book series I've read before and let's see if I can do it again. But as I was reading through the last few books I became more and more fascinated with her and her life. I found a really neat book at the library called, Laura's Album: A Remembrance Scrapbook Of Laura Ingalls Wilder.

It shows pictures of her, her family, her husband and her daughter. The houses she lived in through the years, and so much more. What's really neat is that when I was reading through that book I would come across things that I had read about in her Little House books. It was pretty cool. So anyways, I really feel like I've gotten a renewed sense reading through these books as an adult. I really do recommend if you're in the mood for some good reading and aren't sure where to start, start with these books or even just try out the book I listed above. Enjoy!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day Of School

And so it begins...

Today is my son's first day of school, he is now an official First Grader! I'm not sure what to make of it all. I cried after leaving the school. And here I thought it'd get easier with each new school year. But it was a good morning. I walked into the school with him to familiarize him to where his classroom was. He found a few buddies he had made from the last school year. I think that helped break the ice for him, because he's been telling me in the last few days about being nervous to go back to school. Isn't God awesome!

I met his teacher too, and I feel really good about her. He has his own desk now, the past couple school years he's sat at tables, so this is a change. I'm excited for this school year and can't wait to see what he'll learn!