Friday, September 12, 2008

Birthdays Birthdays Birthdays

This year has just flown by so quickly! Almost too fast. I think at this time of the year though, you're almost ready for the autumn weather to come. At least I am. And that usually means birthday party planning for us. My kids' birthdays are both in October. Once my daughter was born I thought about combining their parties, to save time, maybe a little money. But then I thought a little more and I wanted to be able to let them have their own day.

And here we are. Yeah I know we're only into the 2nd week of September, but I'm a planner. I need to have things squared away long before the actual event. It starts with finding birthday themes. I have a cousin who has used Birthday Express and has been really happy with them. We have a place over here called Party City and we'll usually take a look at the themes there and let the kids choose what they'd like. (course I've been choosing for Madison, for now anyways)

I've been really happy the last couple years with a cake place over here, so I'll probably stick with her again this year. I'm happy to say the kids each have the theme of their choice, well my son does anyway, my daughter's is girly enough without being over the top.

As excited as I am to put together these birthday parties, I'm also a little sad because it's my kids being a year older. And before I know it, they'll be too old to have these. I'm cherishing the time I'm able to do these and I hope that when my kids ARE older they'll remember them!