Saturday, June 7, 2008

My Big Girl

I knew growing up, that if I ever had a daughter I was going to have her ears pierced. Mine have been pierced since before kindergarden so I figured that's when I would have hers done. But you know how life changes with each day. When I knew I was having a girl I said I wanted them done when she was a baby. But when she was born it was a decision I wasn't going to make. She was too small and precious! No way was I going to have anything like that touch her ears. Plus my husband was totally against it from the start.

Well here we are, two and a half years later and my thinking has changed. She's a tough little cookie. She can take as good as she gives. I knew she'd be alright. She skinned her knee a couple days ago and cried for a few seconds and then was done with it. So we did it!

We went to the mall tonight and had her ears pierced! She did a really good job. She sat on my lap when they were being done, and all she did was flinch a little when it happened. She didn't cry once! I was so proud of her. They gave her a lollipop and sticker that says: Just Got My Ears Pierced. This was the best part, she says thank-you after they were all done. She was thrilled!

And writing this now, she hasn't bothered with them at all. Well, except when I was cleaning and turning them. But that's a given. All in all, I'm glad it had a good turnout. It was the kind I was praying for!