Wednesday, May 7, 2008

In Her Own Words

I've always loved this story. So when our son was about 2 years old, we bought him the book for Christmas. We read it to him as often as we could, but as he got older, it was put on the shelf and forgotten about. That is until we figured it was time to read it to our daughter. So every night, whose ever turn it is to put her to bed, after her prayers, we read her this book. Now, a while back, she started picking up on certain words, so we let her say them. It's fun to read this story with her.

Earlier today, she had gone into her room, and I overheard her say the last sentence of the book, "Goodnight noises everywhere," and I was soo excited! Those are long words!

Well, then after dinner, she started saying everywhere, so I asked her if she wanted to read her nuh-night book. She, of course, wanted to. But this time, she went through the entire book, saying the words she knew, and in her own language, the ones we usually say. And just like she is, she was very focused and determined to finish it. I think my favorite word, was her very quiet "hush."

It was so cute to hear her read this book, and be serious about it.

I'm looking forward to the day when she reads it to me!