Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bowl Of Fun

One of the things I love about warmer temps is being able to eat ice cream, without having to bundle up just to enjoy it. Not that tonight was a comfortable 65 or 75 degrees, but it isn't below freezing, so it was safe. My son had asked for it earlier in the day, so I told him if he ate all his dinner he could have a small bowl. (we had just bought some mint choc. chip the night before)
He, of course, just couldn't finish everything on his plate, so he passed and said he would try tomorrow. My daughter on the other hand, being that she's our sweet tooth, jumped at the chance for some. But had decided earlier on she didn't want to finish her dinner, so as she watched me eat mine, I think I convinced her to eat some of her food. I was content with the amount she ate, so she was a happy camper when I gave her the rest of mine.