Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hot Stuff

It's almost like clockwork. Everyday while I'm either checking emails or working on my blog, Madison will come up and sit with me in the computer chair. Sometimes she'll sit on my lap and watch me, or she'll stand behind me and watch TV. But whatever she's doing, she always asks for her chap stick. "More Peeze" is how she'll ask politely, and I know that's her way of asking for it. When I give it to her, I'll allow just a little of the stick to show, so she can't make too much of a mess. I always keep my eye on her with that because she likes to put layers upon layers of that stuff on her lips, and her cheeks. So as I was finishing up on the computer, I turned to see how my little make-up artist was doing.

Isn't she lovely? It was EVERYWHERE! She had not only been spreading it on her lips, it was on her cheeks, her fingers, her arms, her hands, even her tee shirt!

She had taken her finger and started digging out the stuff to put on her face. Unfortunately I had to throw it out, but she's not fazed by that. I'm just praying that when it's time for real make-up, she doesn't have a repeat session like today.