Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Cookie Time Is Anytime

My kids and I decided to make cookies today. I had bought the bag of ready made ingredients a while ago, but it was my son's persistant asking that made it finally happen. Although we didn't have any eggs, a kind neighbor let us have one.

Both the kids wanted to be as involved as they could. Andrew REALLY wanted to break the egg over the bowl, but had a hard time doing that. So we did that together.

After mixing the egg and butter, then it was time to add the bag of ingredients. They handled that together just fine.

After doing my part, the mixing, the kids were able to taste the dough. Yum!

Once they'd filled their tummies with a little cookie dough, it was onto the next step of putting them on the cookie sheet. They each had a couple turns, I think Maddie had more fun than Andrew. A cook in the making!

In the end, I think they turned out really well. As of 7:00pm, the kids and I haven't tried them, but according to my husband (our sweet tooth), they were pretty good. I enjoy doing things like this with my children, I guess in the hopes that they'll have a knack for it someday. God only knows!