Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Not A Good Day

I have to say that this day isn't going very well. I am very thankful and happy for the sunshine and warmer temps, but right at this moment I am not too happy with the inventor of cars. I'm not sure if ours is on its way out or just in need of a fixer up. Course, being that our car, well van, is a 94 should explain it all. We are happy with it. I mean it gets us from A to B. Fortunately the place where my husband is taking it will hold our check for two weeks, so that will help big time! But seeing that that is our only way of getting from A to B, having to ask for help is, well humbling. My mom is such a giving woman, she has been there when I needed a car, for pretty much anything. I'm always grateful for her, always will be. Today she's pretty busy, out and about doing errands, helping out my sister, so I'm really praying that this is something that can be quickly fixed and we won't need to bug her. God is good, he will provide!