Monday, October 27, 2008

It's For The Kids

We almost didn't get the chance to have pumpkins this year. Even though you can find them at almost any grochery store, we made the choice to wait until the week before to get them so they'd be in good shape when the time came to show them off. Last year we bought them about 2 weeks before and they were gross by halloween. Our usual place of purchase was all out. Even inside the store! So we headed to good ole' Walmart and found a big supply of them and picked out the best two of the bunch.

Even at my age, though I'm not saying I'm old, I still get pretty excited doing fun things like finding costumes for halloween or picking out the pumpkins and helping to carve them. (ok ok, so my husband does the carving) But I help get the seeds and slimy stuff out. Not so much fun, but as I said, I'm involved.

Next came the task of finding characters or faces to put on them. Usually we'll buy a book that has ready made stencils and use those. But the majority of the pictures are kinda creepy, so we try to stick with the funny faces. This year we couldn't find anything we liked, so we turned to old faithful, the world wide web. I found two really cute/funny pictures and used those. My hubby is really good at looking at a picture once and drawing it perfectly on paper. Or in this case a pumpkin.

I've tried carving a pumpkin once and, to me anyways, it's harder than it looks. So I just left it to the professional. And voila!

My daughter was pretty excited about seeing hers, as was my son. It makes it all worth it.