Sunday, October 12, 2008

Another Year Older

What a night! We celebrated our daughter's 3rd birthday last night. (although her actual "birth" day isn't until tomorrow) After everyone had arrived, the kids ran around outside to get some energy out. The mosquitoes were out like a vengeance, so they didn't get to be out there too long. When it came time to opening her presents, to tell you the truth, that went by so fast I can't really describe the moment. Rushed would be good. She went from present to present I only saw the gift for a quick second before she was on to the next one. Ahh to be a kid again. She did get a lot of nice gifts. We had boughten her a toy whose character she's just been getting into, Wow Wow Wubbzy. She completely freaked out when she started playing with it, and I don't mean she was REALLY excited, how about REALLY scared. Not the kind of reaction a parent is hoping for when their child opens a gift from them. But I think it was because of the older boys having fun with it too. Another great present was a life-like cat. She just adores all things animal, so when this cat was purring and meowing and doing cat-like things, she was just in awe. It was hard to not want to pet it and see what it would do.

After the rush of opening gifts, it was cake time. I have been getting my kid's cakes from this place for a few years now, and I recommend it! It's called Connie's Cakes. She does a fabulous job and they taste so yummy! We sang the song and lit the candles, she blew them out, you know how it goes. But when you've got a (almost) 3 year old saying "Again, again", you simply relight the candles and sing the song again. Just watching the expressions on her face make it worthwhile. You don't mind having to sing Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you...more than once. After ingesting some delicious cake and ice cream, you let the kids run around again, in the basement this time, and then you mingle. Us girls sat at the island while the guys watched the football game. And usually once the clock reads something past 9 o'clock, then it's time to go home. It was a fun night. I love doing birthday parties and getting together with family. Thank goodness for video cameras, but I'm not sure if my daughter remembered much of it. Who does at (almost) 3 years old.

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