Friday, October 10, 2008

Don't Forget The Tissues

I'm a sucker for soppy movies. Yeah, I'm one of those few (thousand) who went and saw Titanic more than once in the theater, cried when Macaulay Culkin passed away in My Girl, and was overjoyed when that little mouse in The American Tale finally found his family. What can I say? So the other night when I was flipping through the channels to find something to watch, I came across Charlotte's Web. Now, I've read the book and seen a cartoon version of the story, so I figured you seen them once, you've seen them all. Right? So not the same thing. Besides pulling at your heartstrings, this movie is funny! The animals have funny senses of humor and I think Dakota Fanning did a really good job as Fern. I tried to get my daughter to watch some of it because she loves all things animals, but I think this might be a little over her head right now. This is really a heart-warming, must see family movie. If you haven't seen it yet, go! You will not be disappointed.

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