Saturday, October 10, 2009

Patience Is A Virtue

Well, he made it home. Safe. Albeit it took an extra 3 hours to get him here, but by george he made it! What a day that was, let me tell ya. It started off good, got my son to school, cleaned up around the house, spent time with my daughter. The usual stuff. At 3:30 we went to school and picked up my son and then headed over to the airport. His flight was scheduled to land at 4:15, we got there at 4. Plenty of time. Or so I thought.

My mom called me as we were pulling into our parking lot, my heart beating with excitement because in just 15 mins. my hubby would be home. That call changed it all. She told me that she had gotten two calls but was unsure who they came from. The last one she said had sounded like him in the background, but the call ended before anything was said. Obviously his flight had changed, that was my thinking. First thing that came to my mind was that he was early! And I was late.

So the kiddos and I almost ran through the airport to get to where he would come, big surprise, no husband. We knew the exit he would be at, but his plane was there, and no passengers coming out. So we checked the arrival screen and saw that it had been delayed to 4:40. No big deal. Just need to wait 20 mins. or so. Headed over to the kids play room for a bit, happened to look at my phone for the time and saw I had a message. My mom was trying to tell me that his plane wouldn't land here until 6:45 or 7. And seeing that I have such an awesome cell phone (no, not really) I had to get change from the gift shop (gum, $1.59. yikes!) in order to use the payphone. What my mom told me was that there had been a crash on the freeway in London and the crew for the plane, that my husband was supposed to be on, was detained for an hour or so. Which meant he couldn't leave for his 8-9 hr flight on time.

So when I was talking with my mom, he had already landed at his connection airport, but because he was late, he missed his original flight back here. So what turned into a 15 maybe 20 min. wait ended up being a 3 hr wait. Thank you Lord for play rooms, airplanes taking off and places to eat. All those were wonderful distractions for my kids. I would've just turned around and gone back home until it was time, but it takes about 30 min. to get to my house, so I figured we'd be ok if we stayed put. And we were, but by the time his plane did land, my nerves were shot. I was running out of patience let me tell you. My kids were acting like they had just been given spoonfuls of sugar. But all that seemed to diminish once he walked off that plane. Not amount of lip biting would stop this mama from crying.

It was so good to be back in his arms. Being away from my husband was rough, but thankfully I have friends and family and my rambunctious kiddos. Life is good again.