Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A Weatherman In The Making?

You know how kids will go through phases in their life where they are addicted to either a new toy or game, maybe a book? You try not to buy all the things that go with what he's into at the moment because you know, or you learn, that it's a waste because by that time they've moved onto something else. Yeah, been there, done that. Especially since for almost 4 years, it was just him. For my son, in all of his 6 almost 7 years on this earth, he's had so many "phases" with toys and games and books that it's hard to remember them all.

Last Christmas we bought him one of those Leapsters. He's been playing that a lot more lately, but that's fine, it teaches him new things. But something that he's picked up on in a huge way lately is the weather. As often as he can remember in a day he asks to watch the weather channel. They have a segment called Local On The 8's. And at first it started off with just wanting to watch the pictures they have for the local weather that day. Whether it'd be a sunny or rainy day. Now it's something he has to watch to see what's going to happen on that day. He's even more aware of what's going on outside. He'll say little comments like, "Looks like the clouds are not rain clouds, so no rain today!" He's not a fan of thunderstorms. He's all talk about watching it on the weather, but when there's a storm going on, well I'll just say what he says..."I'm freaking out right now!"

Lastnight we were out and about and our last stop was Barnes and Noble. So while Maddie and I were getting something from Starbucks, my son was browsing the weather book aisle. (if there is one) So my husband ended up buying this book:

Oh yes, all the way home he looked through this book. I myself had a chance to scan a few pages, and it's pretty interesting. Maybe this "phase" will be something he'll turn into a career someday. Or maybe this mommy is looking too far ahead to be thinking like that. Who knows?