Sunday, August 17, 2008

Is This Really Happening??

I am beyond ecstatic! I think we are in the beginning stages of potty training with my daughter. All day Saturday she wore underwear. Just for her nap did she wear a diaper. She stayed dry the whole day! I'm trying to get her into a routine so she can start to "get it." What's so cute is that she gets a huge kick out of wearing underwear. My mother-in-law sent some to her a few years ago, so they're the right size and just adorable! I know that girls will usually do these sorta things before boys, I mean, my son wasn't completely potty trained until he was almost 4. And with my daughter, she has to do things her way, or no way. So when she first started doing this on Saturday I thought she would be done with the whole thing by the end of the day. That is so not happening. She's all about going on the potty!

Today was a pretty good day, too. With the exception of church, she was using the potty and wearing underwear. I'm so proud of her! I really do hope that this is the beginning of her potty training. I'd love to not have to do the whole diaper "thing." Let's see where this goes!


anne said...

Good for her! I'm sure it will definitely be a relief when you are all done! I'm already looking forward to that day.