Monday, July 7, 2008

On My Mind

So back in April, I received a jury duty summons. Never did I think I'd get one of those! A million thoughts go through my mind, the biggest being that I have to go downtown! I get anxious when it comes to driving downtown. Too many one way streets, the roads themselves are all so close to one another, that when I'm trying to figure out where I am, I end up driving past the street I should've turned onto. Uggh! The next thought I had was, how am I supposed to get down there at 8:15am. We only have one car, so there's a problem right there. I have two small kids, who will most likely be watched by my mom. All these thoughts are streaming through my mind, making me more and more anxious. (it runs in my family)

Then there's the whole idea of being an actual juror. I've seen it on the news, TV shows, things like that, but what is it really like? Amidst all of these uncomfortable feelings, there is a bit of curiousness, too. I'm a huge fan of shows like C.S.I. and Cold Case Files. So my interests have been peaked at the thought of being a juror. I think like, what will the case be like that I'm sitting in on. I know it isn't going to be a CSI-type case, but still. So I guess there's some good and bad to all this. I find out this coming Friday if I have to report there next Monday.

If you're reading this, could you just say a quick prayer for me that I'll have peace whatever the outcome of this is? Thank you! And who knows, maybe it'll all work out just fine and I'm just worrying too much.
Jury duty