Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fun Filled Day

Yesterday was a good day! A lady that my husband works with invited us to her house for the day. The kids played in the pool, had a few too many cupcakes, went for a ride in the go cart and finished the day watching some good fireworks. The weather was perfect, there weren't a lot of people, so I felt like we could talk with everyone there without it feeling awkward.

When we first got there, the kids immediately wanted to go in the pool. Hubby and I wanted to eat! The food was excellent. So while we were eating, they played a little bean sack game. Trying to get the football shaped bean sack into a football field looking hole. So when we were both finally done, got the kids slathered in sunscreen and let them have some fun in the pool. Unfortunately they didn't have anything made for Madison, so one of us had to keep a hold on her.

Andrew even ventured into the deep. I'm glad he wasn't afraid of the water. He's not a big fan.

It didn't take much for Andrew to get out of the water, he was cold, therefore he was done. Maddie on the other hand, her lips were turning blue, she was shivering, but nothing would stop her from getting out. We both tried, and she just screamed. After a few more minutes of all the cold, she had had enough.

Before the kids got dressed, we took them over to the make-shift pond they had at the front of their house. It was pretty cool to see. The kids got to feed the fish, which they loved. Maddie wanted to join them, but that's just gross.

Once the kids had had enough of all things water, we got them dressed and took them out on the go cart. Now that was fun!! Jonathan took the plunge and went first. He and Andrew drove a few laps around, then he and Maddie went.

Then it was MY turn! I'm sure I totally freaked Jonathan out, but it was fun and deep down, I know he was having fun too. At least I didn't flip the thing over. I had been told it had happened before.

Later on, they started a big fire and we sat around that having smores and just talking, trying to keep the mosquitoes off of us. The kids played with Andrew's Leapster until a lady started some sparklers. Maddie used up the majority of those, but she got a kick out of them.

Then the big fireworks started. Andrew was loud and screaming at each and every one of them, saying that THAT one was his favorite! While Madison (this being her first time seeing fireworks) sat on my lap and buried her face in my arm when it got loud. But she oohed and aaahed with the rest of us. It was a good ending to a fun filled day.