Monday, September 28, 2009

Bedroom Makeover

When we moved into this apartment a few years ago, my son wasn't even a year yet, so his room was all for him. We didn't plan on having any more kids while living here. But as he got older and it seemed like we were staying put for now, along came my daughter. For the first three years of her life, she shared a room with my husband and I. Mostly because she was still in her crib, and also because I liked having her so close. But the time came and the crib just wasn't working for her anymore, so we bought her a toddler bed. Hubby and I were more than ready to have our room back, and moving my son's bed around to accommodate hers was a piece of cake. We figured her bed would last a good year or so before she got to be too long.

Well, that time has come. It's amusing sometimes to walk in their room and see her on the floor or half in her bed and half on the floor. Buying her a twin bed was the next step after she outgrew the toddler bed, but their room is pretty small. Putting in another twin bed would shrink that room and they wouldn't have near as much room as they do now. It's plainly obvious what the answer to that problem is.

Bunk beds! That way, it frees up the other side of the room for toy boxes, bookcases..etc. And after talking with them, they are all for it. And what I like most about these particular bunk beds (and I'm sure most of them do this) is the fact that we can also use them as just regular twin beds. That will come in handy when we move and they will have their own room. Money well spent I think!

We found this one:

I think these will be good. I had them growing up, so much cooler than a regular bed! This is a project I'm really looking forward to and can't wait to see the outcome of it all.