Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Turkey Day Craft

Well, I've done it! The turkey hat craft I told myself I could do, I did. Kinda frustrating at times, but so much fun! And I just love the end result.

I enlisted the help of my son for his while I made one for my daughter. And can I just say, it was time well spent. I liked that it was just him and me for an hour doing something we don't do often enough.

Here's a little rundown of our progress. I started by tracing everything out and then let him cut them.

A cutting we will do, a cutting we will do...

I cannot get glue on my fingers!

How's it looking mommy?

Just adding the last pieces of the hat

Drum roll please....

Ta daaaa!!

I made these off from the website in a previous post. Aren't they just adorable!! I'm certainly going back there for any other crafts I would want to do with my kids. Oh, I also made one for my nephew.

For the wings, I just traced my kid's hands instead. It's an easy craft to do and a fun keepsake to have.