Friday, November 7, 2008

That's Life

When I wrote my last post I had no idea what kind of week lay ahead. My son had been home from school since the previous day with a stomach ache but had shown signs of getting better by the time we had to go trick-or-treating. But as a parent you want your child to be feeling 100% before doing something like taking them outside. It was a hard decision, but he benefited from it. Or so I thought.

He had good days and bad days, and ended up going back to school the following Wednesday. We're still unsure what he had, but I'm glad he's back to himself. But then, wouldn't you know it, I was given the chance to have my own car for a couple weeks. While talking with a wonderful Aunt of mine, we got to talking about coming over for a visit and she offered to let me borrow her car until she is able to drive again. It's been such a treat having an extra set of wheels to get around when I need to, or if it's just driving to the park with my daughter. Even though we have our van, which I'm thankful for, it's still nice to be able to get out without having to ask for help or bringing my husband to his job. I'm reveling in my new found freedom! God is good and I'm very blessed. Life throws all sorts of things at you and with God's help, you get through them and enjoy!


Tiff said...

so true. We were a one car family for four years. It is a nice change of pace when I got the chance to have the car.