Friday, November 28, 2008

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (or just about)

It's the day after Thanksgiving and that means we get to put up the Christmas tree! Wow, it's Christmas time already. It sure feels like this season comes and goes so quickly. But the excitment is still the same. For me, I like how excited I can still get and enjoy it with my kids.

Growing up, we had this tradition. We'd put Christmas music on, usually Henry Mancini, and put up the tree. We usually got a real tree, but as we got a little older we started using an artifical one. We'd just light a pine tree scented candle and be good. Besides trimming the tree, there were other decorations to be put up, handmade ones or store boughten. And of course the stockings. Next to Christmas presents, stockings are just as best! My mom would put little things for us girls. But the best part was the huge candy cane. Yum!

At the beginning of the season we'd do an Advent Calendar which came with a story, candles and the opening of 1 door per day. My sisters and I would take turns and check out what picture was behind the door. And whoever got to open the door for Christmas Eve was the lucky one.

But all that aside, we also celebrated the birth of Jesus. He's the real reason for all of this. So before there was any presents we would read from the Bible. Luke 2:1-20. We can get so caught up in all the glitter and glam that comes with the season, but always remember that it's Jesus' birth that needs to be first and foremost on our minds and in our hearts. There's a book my mom bought for my son a few years ago that helps tell the story of His birth, but in a way that they'll understand and enjoy. It's called Clopper the Christmas Donkey. I try to read that to my kids once a day and I get a pretty good reception from them. Enjoy the season!

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