Thursday, June 18, 2009

A Day At The Zoo

Good weather, check. Kids ready, check. That was about it, plus a purse full of food and we were set to go to the zoo. What a day! It was perfect, all of it. They have new animals, and of course the regulars. The majority of them weren't sleeping either!

Of course, the first animals you see are the birds...ducks, flamingos, turkey. But what I've never seen up close were pelicans. They're huge!

After that we headed off the usual route to see some wallaby's + a joey. So cute. And Lemurs! I've never seen lemurs before too. Well, except maybe from those Madagascar movies.

Along that trail of animals was a couple birds, a kinkajou, but that animal was sleeping in a hammock so it was hard to see it. So then we headed over to the area where you can pet some animals. What's so great this time was that they had brushes you could use to brush the animals. My son loved that right away...

It took my daughter a little bit to get comfortable with all that, but once she did that was all she wanted to do.

I think this was my favorite thing to do. Just because we could all get involved. What an awesome idea!

It was so much fun. They use these popsicle sticks and then have this bird seed mixture on the end. Then you pretty much just shove it in their face and hope they take it! We went a couple years ago and this wasn't there so I hope they do for a while.

Like I said earlier, they have a lot of newer animals there. Ones I've never seen. A tapir, pelicans, a macaw, the lemurs. What was really neat to see was the lion's enclosure. So much bigger and better, I think, for lions to have. The male lion looked pretty funny, too!

They had pygmy goats there too. So teeny!

I had really hoped we could've done this with our daughter too, but I think because she's never done this before, she wouldn't have really enjoyed it a whole lot.

Touching sting rays it pretty cool. They're soft, slimy and squishy too. Plus they had a few nurse sharks, some polka dotted shark and a few horse shoe crabs in this little pool thing too. After you have touched the sting rays a couple times, you get used to how they feel. I think it was a perfect ending to a really wonderful family trip. I hope we can do this again before the summer is over.