Sunday, January 11, 2009


Life is such a precious thing. It's such a gift. We live it to the fullest as best as we can. I make sure my kids and husband know they are important to me, how much I love them. The same goes with my parents and sisters. So when we lose someone, it's a hard thing to deal with. Though I wasn't close to Mrs. Muma, a teacher at my school, she will be dearly missed. She passed away unexpectedly a little over a week ago, and though it comes as a surprise, knowing where she is is what helps ease the pain. I pray for her family, her sons and daughter. Her close friends and grand children. Plus her son and daughter-in-laws. Having only known her through school is such a gift. Her husband taught me how to drive, and one of her sons taught my husband how to drive as well. My sisters had her as a teacher more than me, but hearing of her death was so sad. If you read this, even though they may be strangers to you, please keep them in your prayers. God Bless