Friday, January 16, 2009

It's THAT Cold...Or So I Thought

I don't remember if it was my first or second post I wrote on my blog at the beginning, but it was about our van. But I had written about it needing to be fixed and the money part scaring me. Well here I am again. Same situation. Our van is in the shop and I'm scared/anxious about the money part.

As you all have known the northern states have been getting hit hard with arctic air, and it's been really rough dealing with it. You feel caged because you're indoors longer than you want to be. At least that's how it feels for me. And since our garage is being used right now as a storage facility, we have to park our van outside. The last few days when I've started it, it hasn't given me any troubles. So when I went out to start it this morning it kinda spit and sputtered and then came to life. The cold, it's got to be the cold is what I told myself when I heard it doing that. I had a very kind neighbor kid help me brush the snow off and then I went inside. The thing that I noticed and what made me feel a little more anxious was when I opened the door to put the brush back inside, was the fact that my dashboard wasn't lit up, the clock was so dim I thought it wasn't working and my automatic seat belt was slowly moving. The's the cold weather. So when my son and I got into the van to get going nothing had changed. Funny thing is though, is that it drove fine. I thought for sure it would come to life once I had been driving for a few.

Wishful thinking. Not 100 yards from my house the thing stalled. No life whatsoever! It clicked every time I tried starting it. Thankfully I was able to find someone to jump start it, and my neighbor helped bring my son to school. Looking under the hood I saw that the battery was a 5 yr so I knew right away that was the problem. My husband got it to the shop safely and we found it was so much more than just a battery. Standing right now, it's also the alternator plus two belts that need to be replaced. Ugh!

But I will not let how I feel control how I deal with this. I serve The Great Provider, he will not put us in a situation we cannot handle. I live by a verse, Philippians 4:13..."I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength." He's not leaving us alone in all this. I believe that 100%.

Now if only the cold temps could leave us alone! I'm ready for the 70 degrees again. Too bad it's only January.

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