Saturday, December 20, 2008

Oh The Pain Of It All

I am done! Finished, Fin, finale. I wipe my hands of it all! And what, you may be asking yourself, am I done with? Shopping!! And I love to shop. Not a hard core shopper I might add, but if there are good sales I'm there. So when the hubby and I did our Christmas shopping tonight (last minute I know), we went to our local mall and were overwhelmed the minute we walked into the place. We could hardly find a parking space, let alone finding the things off our kid's wish lists. Thankfully the toy store there is closing so we were able to find some nice gifts at reasonable prices. But I didn't realize how busy a place can get! But our agendas were all the same. Get what you need and get out of there!

I'm thankful for the time away from the kids, that would've been so much harder with them in tow. The hubby and I don't get out very often, just the two of us. (that's a whole nother post) But we were able to get what we needed and be done with it. Would you believe we went grochery shopping after that?

And here I am, it's late and I'm tired. Kids are in bed, it's quiet. But I feel really good that we were able to get this accomplished today. Although I am putting any shopping off until this season is over! Best of luck to any shoppers out there who have yet to get their Christmas gifts. Beware though, it's a zoo out there.