Monday, March 9, 2009

Mistaken Identity

I think identical twins are a such a wonder. Twins run in our family on both sides. My mom has twin sisters and my dad is a twin. I was always thankful during both my early ultrasounds that there was only one baby. That's definitely a challenge that would've been rather, well challenging for us. I'm sure it would've been fun and lots more work that just a single baby, but God bless all those women out there who have had twins! Anyways, back to the point. As my dad and his brother have gotten older, it seems like they have days where they look so much a like and then others where they definitely look like brothers, but not twins. So the last couple of Sundays my daughter, who is 3, sees my uncle and thinks it's my dad. She gets excited and yells, Papa! Yesterday she ran up to him, he lifted her up and she gave him a big kiss. She came back to my husband and me and kept pointing in his direction saying, Papa! Papa! We'd play along and say, oh is that your papa? She'd say, yep, uh huh. It's Papa. Gotta smile at that. I'm curious to see how she'd react to seeing them next to each other. That'd be a good Kodak moment!


FromThe Creek said...

That is too cute! I always hoped for twins with both of my children...but it never happened and now I am kind of glad. God knew I wouldn't be able to handle two of either of mine HA!

Jen said...

God knows what we can and can't handle, that's for sure!